About WCT

For quite some time, my friends and family have been telling me to start some sort of travel blog, with all of the wicked cheap travel I do. And for almost as long, I would always push back, telling them that the current blogosphere was oversaturated with these types of blogs, and that I didn’t really see a niche for myself.

But as friends continued to ask me for help finding cheap flights, using their frequent flyer miles, determining what credit cards to sign up for, I had a realization: While there’s no shortage of blogs out there with information about first/business class travel, luxury hotels, and elite status, most of my friends were not needing help with luxury travel. Instead, like me, they were happy flying economy frequently in order to make their dollars/miles go further. And while I don’t fault the other blogs out there for being successful, ultimately, to most readers, they serve more as entertainment than as an actual resource. Furthermore, many blogs often had obvious financial relationships with certain banks whom they would give preferential treatment to (some better than others), obscuring the impartial opinions that their readers deserved.

So I started Wicked Cheap Travel as a way to cut through all of the clutter and be a resource for just focusing on using miles and dollars to fly as cheaply as possible.

This is also my first foray into building a website, so I welcome feedback on not only the content but also the layout.