About Me


My name is Mark, and I am an avid travel enthusiast who has used frequent flyer miles, other travel hacks, and general thriftiness to travel to 48 states* and approximately 45 countries (depending on your definition), ranging from some of the most visited places in the world (China), to some of the least visited (North Korea**). Despite being 6’7″, I’ve always flown in economy (though sometimes flight attendants will take pity on me and move me to a row with extra legroom if available), save for one flight where I was upgraded to business class without requesting it.

I currently live in San Francisco and work in market research and when I’m not traveling, I love attempting to bake and cook really complicated recipes, as well as playing piano.
*One day I’ll get to North Dakota. I’m less sure about Kansas.

**No frequent flyer miles were (or can be) used to fly into Pyongyang if you’re an American citizen.